Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer the most common questions we receive each day. If you want more information, please contact us.

General FAQ’s:

  • The Sydney Brick Show is presented by SydBricks and the City of Sydney. Sydbricks is a group of Adult Fans of LEGO(R) who are not employed or affiliated with the LEGO (R) Company or LEGO(R) Australia.
  • The Sydney Brick Show is open to the public from Thursday 24th April through to and including Sunday 27th April 2014 .
  • Tickets for Sydney Brick Show are now on sale.
  • Exhibitor registration has now closed for Sydney Brick Show 2014.
  • AFOL attendee registrations will close soon.
  • Unfortunately The Brickman will not be running workshops this year. The brickman will still be at the show with his latest cool creation.
  • An AFOL is an Adult Fan of LEGO(R)
  • To see teaser photos of creations that will be at the show, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

Admission and Cost:

  • Tickets for Sydney Brick Show 2014 are available at Ticketmaster. To avoid disappointment, pre book tickets today at Tickmaster.
  • Ticketing Queries and help – please contact Ticketmaster.
  • Lego Club (R) Membership does NOT give any discount for admission into the Sydney Brick Show.

Building Competition:

Junior and Intermediate builders are invited to submit Moc’s (My Own Creations) entries for the chance to display along side Australia’s premium builders at the 2014 Sydney Brick Show.

Question: What age is the competition open to?

Answer: There will be 2 categories; one for Junior Builders 6-10yrs and one for Intermediate Builders 11-16yrs.

Question: How do I enter?
Answer: Refer to the Creation Competition page.

Question: What size can I make my Moc?
Answer: There is no minimum size though the maximum size is 1×1 metres squared.

Question: Can I get help from my family and friends?
Answer: Sure, but ONLY if they fit within the age category.

Question: When does the competition close?
Answer: 30th March 2014 at 11:59pm.

Question: If I win can I come to the show to display my Moc?
Answer: Winners will be required to bring their creations along to the show for display purposes. Junior builders on Saturday 26th April, Intermediate builders on Sunday 27st April.

Question: Do I have to stay all-day?
Answer: You are only required to attend the event from 9am to 3pm.